Why Does The Indian Government Fail To Curb Terrorism?

India gets affected by Bomb blasts almost every month. Hundreds of Innocent people die for no reason. While it is difficult to stop all such attacks, it is fairly possible to prevent such attacks by improvising and using the existing resources effectively Activate Chase Debit Card.


While it’s a common knowledge that terrorists use the Internet for communication, and target Indian websites to highlight their cause, The Anti-terrorist Squd seems to focus more on tapping mobiles, Intercepting GSM networks and voice-privacy solutions.


The reality is, even though these do help, they are ineffective means of tracking terrorists. Talk about Internet / Web security or Digital Forensics, they give you an odd look. Techies are still insignificant people in front of their “real” world of guns and bullets. Besides we always have the Cyber Crime Cell in Mumbai to put the blame on.


I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s practically a glorified department. Even tracing an email is a challenge. But more than the technical incompetency, the larger issue is attitude. A few intelligent people who know a few technical things prefer to keep mum. Their reason – Why open your mouth and invite more work? The complex unsaid ego and divide between “senior” and “junior” officers ensure that sensible work or process never get’s implemented.


NTRO is one organization i personally respect a lot. They have made decent efforts to bridge the gap between various agencies over time. With a strong technical team, i feel they are quite equipped to handle Cyber Crime related issues. But again, they are not directly involved or are responsible to tackle it.


“CERT-In will then analyse the information provided by the reporting authority and identify the existence of an incident. In case it is found that an incident has occurred, a tracking number will be assigned to the incident. Accordingly, the report will be acknowledged and the reporting authority will be informed of the assigned tracking number. CERT-In will designate a team as needed.” … and Blah Blah Blah.


Here’s the truth. CERT does not have any system for Incident Reporting. Even if you report an Incident, they won’t respond back to you. In August 2006, we reported close to 40+ Government related websites (Including the president’s) that were vulnerable to hacking.


We gave exact links, documented proof, video’s (yes, even recorded videos!) and screenshots. This report was also sent to major news channels. What happened? Nothing! With anguish, we could only watch our Indian websites being hacked over time.


Almost all government related websites are developed and maintained by NIC. And almost every website has a host of vulnerabilities that a defacer can take advantage of. I wonder why NIC does not have a decent security training with all that money from the Government? With e-governance on the rise, it will be dangerous if Indian Government does not take a serious look at lack of Information Security awareness.


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Why Does The Indian Government Fail To Curb Terrorism?

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