Slimming Tea: The Right Choice

Millions across the globe have benefitted from using slimming tea,Guest Posting the brew that not only refreshes and energizes you, but also helps you get rid of that obstinate fat you hated so much. What is slimming tea and how is it different from a pure tea? What is the secret behind its effectiveness in dissolving the excess fat accumulated in your body? hotele nadmorskie oferujące baseny.


slimming tea is usually rich in compounds which fight deposition of fat in the Adipose tissues, the main reason for weight gain. Several types of slimming teas are available in the market now and you can choose one that you find most suitable.


Some of these are green tea, which is a pure tea and is also used as a constituent of many slimming teas, ayurveda slimming tea, Star Anise tea, Peppermint tea, rose tea, Chinese tea, and Oolong tea etc. A slimming tea like Green tea is rich in antioxidant catechins which speed up body’s metabolism and rate of fat burning, thus helping in weight reduction.


Caffeine and polyphenols present in green tea extracts induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation boosting the metabolic rate by nearly 4% without increasing the heart rate. Thus it is helpful in weight reduction, and also helps prevent heart diseases.


Slimming teas like Star Anise tea and Peppermint tea improve digestion and help burn more calories which results in weight reduction. These are also helpful in curing certain stomach problems like constipation, upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea etc.


Rose tea is one of the oldest known flavored teas that have excellent therapeutic properties. It is rich in Vitamins A, B3, C, D and E and work wonders in curing constipation, beautifying the skin and fighting certain infections. Rose tea is very effective in clearing toxins from the body that helps in weight reduction.


Dr. Tea is a very effective slimming tea made from hundred percent natural herbs and green tea. It’s an invention of our research team of qualified and experienced ayurveda doctors, who worked hard for years to bring out a wonder formula from the ancient ayurvedic scriptures.


They combined the wisdom of ayurveda with the most modern technologies to come up with this amazing brew called Dr. Tea. Dr. Tea is not just a simple slimming tea, the time-tested herbs present in it make it a potent brew that boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, beautifies skin, fights signs of ageing, acts as rejuvenator, builds immunity and prevents constipation. Dr. Tea is a slimming tea that helps you regain your fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle.


A major pitfall with any diet – and slimming pills are included here – is the tendency to binge. As you start on your pill and fitness regimen, you might be inclined to resign all the chocolates, cookies and treats to the garbage. While this might work for a little while, sooner or later the craving will strike, and most of us will blow our diet completely by consuming way more than we should.


Rather than cutting out the “treats” entirely, take the opportunity to teach yourself some moderation and self-control. Instead of throwing the chocolates out altogether, allow yourself one small square of dark chocolate, one cookie, or another small treat each day.


Perhaps you’ll choose to indulge during your afternoon coffee break, or maybe you’ll savor your treat after dinner in the evening. However you choose to do it, giving yourself a little treat to look forward to will prevent you from over-indulging and blowing all your hard-earned progress.

Slimming Tea: The Right Choice

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