Roofers – Independent Contractor or Company

As you begin your search for roofers,Guest Posting you will find that you have two basic options. You can either hire a Roofers Dallas company to do the job for you, or you can work with an independent contractor or group of independent contractors. Both situations have their own benefits and drawbacks, so you will need to carefully consider the choice.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors work for themselves. Often these roofers also perform other handyman type jobs, although they may specialize in roofing. Because roofing is a big job, they may have a few others that they work with when they come to your home.

Because independent contractors work for themselves, not a company, they have more on the line if they mess up your job than a worker for a company would have. Their reputation as a contractor is at stake. If they do a great job for you, you will tell your friends about them, but if they mess up the job, you will tell others to avoid their services.

On the negative side, when you work with an independent contractor, you may not be able to get the roofers to your home as quickly as you might want. Contractors have to fulfill prior obligations before they can take on new jobs. If you have a leak or other serious damage to your roof, you may not be able to wait.

Finally, independent contractors may not carry as much insurance or have certification or licensure in their field. This will vary based on the laws in your particular state, but if you choose to go the independent contractor route, always inquire as to their insurance and licensure status.

Roofing Companies

Roofing companies have multiple roofers that work with them. This means you can likely get a team to your home or business on your schedule, or at least close to it. Sometimes this also means that the job will get done quicker, because you will have more than just a few people who can work on it. For particularly large jobs, this can be vital because it can take weeks to complete with just an independent contractor and his team of workers.

Sometimes, roofing companies cost more because they have more overhead. However, some of that overhead covers insurance and some licensure, which you may not have if you hire an independent contractor, depending on the rules in your state. You will have to decide how much extra you are willing to pay for these protections.

You may not get as personal of attention from the roofers with a roofing company because the actual workers who come to your house are simply working for the company, not themselves. However, most roofing companies have strict quality control procedures in place, as well as standards for the work performed,

So you will likely find that the job is done well, even if the attention is not as personal as with an independent contractor. In the end, the choice often comes down to your budget and personal preference when you hire roofers. Next, call each of the roofers and ask them to come and give you an estimate.

Notable companies will evaluate your roof free of charge and provide you with a complimentary estimate. Feel free to ask any questions you have, and read each estimate completely before you decide whom to hire. Also, ask each company for a few references, and spend some time calling them. The more educated you are in this process, the better!

Roofers – Independent Contractor or Company

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