Best Beaches of Goa – Explore Famous Beaches of Goa

The Goan Holidays is often the dream of many tourists who want to luxuriate in the lavish ambiance of the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Decked with beautiful palm fringed shady coastlines,Guest Posting wondrous landscapes, exotic beaches where pervades unique tranquility and serenity, Goa stands out as a top rated tourist destination today top Palm Beach architects.

The beaches of Goa would invariably put you in a mood of romance if you are in the company of your mate or would simply make you laze for hours on the sands and gaze mesmerized at the deep blue seas where the horizons melt into the azure sky creating a scene of sublime beauty!

Not only would you enjoy lazing, gazing and playing amid the sand and surf of Goa, the utterly happening nightlife of this travel destination is another chief attraction for all tourists who flock the place. The Basilicas, forts, towers and churches of Goa, the mouth-watering Goan cuisine too would make the Goan trip etched forever on any tourist who visits Goa.

However still what makes Goa stand out apart from any other travel destination are the Beaches of Goa. The Goan beaches are famous not only all across the nation but globally too. Thus when you go for a leisure stroll or bask in the sun on any of the beaches you would come across many foreign tourists as well. Each of the beaches in Goa has a beauty and specialty of its own. Let’s learn about some of the Goan beaches that are on the top of the tourist hotlist

Agonda Beach
If you want to spend some quiet tranquil hours in a less crowded Goa beach, the Agonda beach is the best option perhaps. Its visual appeal makes it one of the fond beaches for nature lovers who wish to meditate upon the beauteous nature around in a vacant or pensive mood. Whether you enjoy the sun or enjoy the solitude of the beach, Goa’s Agonda beach will simply fascinate you. If you are too overwhelmed you can even set out for a dolphin spotting voyage hiring a local country boat.

Baga Beach
The Baga Beach of Goa will definitely give you a memorable experience because its nightlife and beach parties are sure to transport you to a classy wonderland. This makes the Baga Beach the most visited Goan beaches of all. There are a good number of food shacks, cafes set up in a row on the Baga Beach and mouthwatering seafood is available in most of these shacks and cafes.

Wind surfing, dolphin cruises and water sports are the other things you could do on the Baga beach to entertain yourself. Also no tourist ever misses a club night at any of the posh clubs of the Baga Beach like Club Tito. It’s truly a fathomless fun to indulge in a frenzied dance all through the night.

Mandrem Beach
This is another Goan beach sun-kissed and secluded, ideal for those who prefer solitude and privacy. The natural beauty of the Mandrem; its quaint idyllic charm has a magnetic effect on nature lovers; those who wish to commune with the pristine untainted nature around the beach. Honeymooners prefer the secluded ambiance of this sleepy activity-less beach where they get enough private time to spend in each other’s company and even enjoy some rare intimate moments!

Best Beaches of Goa – Explore Famous Beaches of Goa

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