December 5, 2022

Global business in elephant ivory has been mainly power down because of problem for the storage of an income species. While still rare and hard to work well with, that lustrous natural ivory includes exactly the same gem features of new ivory, without the stigma attached with illegal harvesting of jeopardized mammoth tusk .

Jewellery artists, and great craft designers change these prized historical ivory fossils into lustrous jewellery, little statues or inlays in vintage blades that reflect the shades of the Artic landscape. Musicians meticulously design, define, join, gloss and end each piece to boost the unique shade of the Artic Ivory.

To the pleasure of great jewellery collectors, fossil mammoth ivory has surfaced as an eco-friendly and increasingly valuable option to elephant ivory. Much like all great gem quality ivory, the appeal is improved with frequent contact with one’s natural skin oils, establishing a rich patina over time.

You might have observed images of the truly amazing Woolly Mammoths that wandered our planet freely over 10,000 years ago. These great animals were bigger than today’s Indian elephants and their tusks can weigh as much as 300 kilos each and evaluate over 16 feet in length. These great animals fundamentally succumbed to the severe weather changes accompanying great snow ages. Their skeletons and tusks were then obviously buried for eons in the frozen earth.

The significant tusks, which have been concealed for tens of thousands of years in the remote Arctic tundra of Alaska, Europe and Siberia, are unearthed several ways. Bush pilots sometimes place the significant tusks jutting out from riverbanks in the Alaska tundra.

Other situations the tusks are unearthed as an all natural results of gold mining or path structure activities. Regardless of the way they’re found, fossil ivory is excavated in accord with applicable federal and state regulations. The lovely fossil ivory shades of tan, brown and orange are the result of tens of thousands of years of mineralization.

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